Getting calls from 0800 408 9340?

So looking at my google analytics stats it seems the top keywoard people are searching for before landing on my blog is 0800 408 9340.

If you’re one of the people who’ve just goggled it and wondered why you’re looking at my website, hopefully this post will help explain.

A while ago I received a call from 0800 408 9340 asking if I would like to upgrade my Virgin Media service, with a fantastic offer that seemed a little too good to be true, so being cautious of these kinds of cold calls I decided not to take them up on the offer.

After the call I posted a tweet to @VirginMedia asking if it was genuinely their number.

And here’s my the response I got

So it seems to be a genuine Virgin Media number.

My blog lists my latest tweets over there on the right, so while the above tweet was still in my feed, seems google indexed my blog.

2 replies on “Getting calls from 0800 408 9340?”

Hi all

FYI: I have been called by this Freephone 0800 number on several occasions
and yesterday and today they have called me 6 & 7 times (ignored). They are
calling my mobile number!

Before ignoring them, I had previously spoken with (Indian accent) a man saying
he was calling from Virgin Media and could offer a ‘special’ upgrade deal. He then
asked for details I was NOT prepared to provide (password, bank account info etc.).

As far as I can recall, the ONLY time I gave my mobile to Virgin was when I lost my
internet connection and had to provide it to sort out the issue (which they did –

They were also Indian Support teams, so I would assume that the number was passed
on from that occasion.

This afternoon I answered the latest call. When asked if I was (my name), I said NO,
he is in the shower at the moment. The lady asked if |I was a family member, I said
NO, just a friend. She then started to tell me about ‘special’ deals – at this point I said
I shall tell (my name) when he gets out of the shower and put phone down,#

This MUST be a SCAM or the WORST customer sales team for Virgin EVER.

I will NOT be answering these calls again.

This number calls me many times a day and other similar numbers, I am not nor have I ever been a virgin media customer. Harassing is an understatement

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